Product Questions

How do I know which style is best for me?

Here at Caroline Winters , we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy amazing eyelashes! We offer an array of different shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s different tastes and needs. Can’t narrow down your choices? Reach out to a Caroline Winters specialist and we’ll be more than happy to take the time to talk to you about your eye shape and preference to help you find your perfect match!

What is the shelf life of my Caroline Winters liners?

As with all makeup, there is an expiration date of your Caroline Winters makeup before it can become more difficult to use. With both the gel and liquid liner this limit is around 5 months once your product is opened. This is due to both oxygen and bacteria from the facial region getting into the product and hardening the substance. To slow this process down, we recommend ensuring that your product is closed securely at all times when not using your Caroline Winters

What’s in the eyeliner and is it bad for me?

Absolutely not! The eyeliner contains a magnetic powder made from iron, which rates as nontoxic with the EWG. We don’t use heavy metals or parabens in our liners. We, at Caroline Winters , always want our customers to remain safe, so if you do have eye problems or have had surgery, please consult your doctor to make sure that magnetic lashes are right for you. Your Caroline Winters is also safe to wear with your contacts and glasses. You won’t feel any difference between wearing the two when you have your Caroline Winters Lashes on.