Please shake the bottle for a few seconds before each use. Seal bottle after each use to prevent product from drying out.


Like any makeup product, please swatch product on hand to make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients in product. If no reaction occurs, proceed to application.


If you need to trim your lashes to fit you eyeshape, please make sure to cut from the outer corner and in, to make sure that the lash will keep its shape.



Carefully apply the eyeliner to your lash line, make sure that you draw your liner as you would like it to be, you can go as thick or bold with it as you like, but you should make sure that at least the area of the false lashes is covered - if you wish to make your liner wing out, this is possible as well, it will not irritate your skin or feel tacky afterwards.

Caroline’s Tip: To get a better application of the eyeliner angel your brush in the direction you draw resting your hand on the face for a steady application. Before you apply your lashes, make sure to coat them with a thin layer of mascara, this will make you new falsies blend perfectly in with your natural lashes. For the optimal care of your lashes and to make sure a longer life time for them, make sure not to coat your falsies with mascara, this will damage the lash fibers and will ruin the 3D effect they have.


Remove your lashes from the box by gently taking them on the outer lash band and pull softly, when your lash is out of the box measure them to your lash line to make sure they have the perfect length, if you need to trim them slightly don’t be scared, take it slow and cut little by little from the outer corner and inwards, when your lashes is the perfect size wrinkle the band a bit to soften everything up.


Place your lashes on the lash liner.

Preferably you should always use a mirror when applying your lashes, this way you will be able to see exactly what you are doing, close on eye or look down while keeping the other eye open. When you have attached your lashes to the liner they will stick and stay. Do not be scared if you don’t get it right the first time, the lashes can easily be pulled off, and reapplied.

Caroline’s Tip: Place lashes about 1 cm away from the inner corner to ensure it does not bother you.



Gently pull of your lashes from the outer corner and in, after lashes is removed make sure to place them in the box they came in, for optimal care. Now cleanse the eye with any oil based makeup remover, coconut oil, or your preference. Personally we find that mircelle water works great as well. Make sure that no left overs are forgotten, and that your eye area is fresh and clean, after that go ahead and do your skincare rutine as normal.


If there is any leftover lash liner glue on the lash band, or any eyeshadow on the lashes go ahead and clean this, you can use a cotton swap or a makeup wipe to gently clean this area, please do not use a product that is overly wet, any damp products are to be preferd. If glue is still sitting on the lash band, use your nails to gently scrab off any left overs before putting them back in the box. Now you have perfectly clean lashes for the next time wears. Enjoy!